Assessment is based on written assignments. At the end of each unit or module, you will have to submit a written assignment in MS Word document. To check your progress, tutor can take quizzes or any other exam at the end of each unit; but these marks will not be included in Final assessment)

Graduex will ensure the credibility of the admissions and certifications. Therefore, it may arrange interviews/viva of the students either directly or through its executing centre.

Maximum time allowed to complete the qualification is 12 months and minimum time period to complete is 6 months.

You will get 24/7 tutor support. If you have any questions about the subject or issues with the assignment, you can contact your assigned tutor. You can also share the draft of the assignment to get it reviewed (before submission).

If you do not have the exact requisite qualification but the proven work experience that is relevant to the subject, you can get enrolled. Check with the Admission team to know more about this on

At the end of each unit or module, you will have to submit a written assignment in MS Word document. You will be assessed on that written assignment.

If your Written Assignment is not passed, you will be provided with constructive feedback from the internal assessor. This feedback will enable you to rectify any errors or omissions in your work. You may then resubmit your assignment for assessment. The number of revisions is unlimited.

If you fail to achieve one or more Assessment Criteria, you can rectify and resubmit the assignment.

The assessment process will involve the submission of a written assignment. You will be provided with a timeframe to study the learning material and complete the assignment. Once you have completed the assignment, you will submit it to the learning management system (LMS). An internal assessor will then assess your assignment. If you are pass you will be notified of your grade and given any constructive feedback. If you are fail, you will be instructed to rectify and resubmit the assignment until you pass the assignment.

If a learner wants to cancel or no longer wishes to be on the course, then he/she will be eligible to apply for a full refund within 15 days cooling-off period.

If You Have Any Questions You Can Call Us 24/7

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