Enroll and embark on the journey to a successful career. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step procedure. Enroll in your desired course and there you go!

Step 1: Complete the online enrollment form:

Students need to upload Proof of identity (Passport or ID card), previous qualifications e.g your certificate, diploma, bachelor’s, Masters’s Degree, or Professional Diplomas.

Step 2: Graduex will issue a Conditional Offer Letter (COL) with the payment method for making fees Installment:

Graduex does not charge any extra payments and does not have access to any plans so the students will get installment plans accordingly.

Step 3: Registration with awarding bodies and organizations:

Graduex will send an induction pack including course details, registration with awarding organization, and logins to access the course material. This process will take 2-3 days after making the payment of fees.

Step 4:  Online introductory session and general overview of the course:

This procedure includes setting up learning system management (LMS) with Graduex. The pace of the course is set by the learner. Graduex usually starts with one module for the course and students will get all the teaching material on LMS along with other resources like- Presentations, e-books, handouts, etc. 

The Operations team will come back to you as soon as they receive your completed enrolment form.

Student LMS